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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Where is Scoot Tribe located?

A:  We are located at 1104 N College ave in Fayetteville, Arkansas!


Q:  Why should I buy from you as opposed to another vendor with a better price?

A1:  Why we may have slightly higher prices is because you are not only buying one of these products from us but, you’re buying into the Tribal Family which means you will always be taken care of and put first

A2:  We are the highest rated online dealer in the country, which can be seen from our reviews. We value customer service and the satisfaction of our customers first.


Q: What are the primary issues your vehicles experience?

A: Issues arise on our vehicles for a couple of reasons:

     1. Improper or infrequent maintenance:  While we try to educate our customers as much as possible regarding the proper care of their vehicle, lack of maintenance is the primary cause for many issues we see in vehicles.  Oil changes, carburetor cleaning, brake adjustments, valve adjustments, etc... are all vital to ensuring the continued performance of your vehicle.

     2. Manufacturer issues:  While very rare, mistakes do occur at the manufacturer.  For this reason, our team inspects each vehicle after assembly and prior to shipment.  We do our best to catch any problems we can before the vehicle is sold, but some issues can slip through the cracks.  Our warranty is in place specifically for those situations, ensuring your vehicle is fixed at no cost to you!

     3. Operation of vehicle beyond its limits:  Occasionally, we will see issues occur on vehicles much sooner than expected.  The biggest reason for these issues to occur in a short timeline is the treatment of the vehicle itself.  Riding the vehicle at or near the top speed for a long duration, putting too much weight on the vehicle, and neglecting to break-in the vehicle all contribute to performance issues, especially if the vehicle is not being properly maintained.


Q:  Do you have parts for these vehicles?

A:  Not only do we try to carry common parts at all times, but we also have personal sales reps at each of our vendors whenever we need to order parts!


Q:  Can I get financed for one of these products?

A: You sure can! For financing we are partnered with a third party company called Affirm. It typically takes about a 500 credit score, and it will tell you immediately if you get approved or not.


Q:  Where do I go to apply for financing?

A:  Once you get to the “Payment” section of checkout, you may choose “Affirm Monthly Payments” to begin the application


Q:  Where are these products manufactured?

A:  These are all Chinese manufactured, but sold throughout the United States.


Q:  Is there a “Parts Diagram” or a “Owner’s Manual” I can look at for these products?

A:  There sure is! This link should take you to available owners manuals and parts diagrams for particular products.

Q:  Why is my tracking number not working on the LTL website?

A:  Tracking numbers may take a few business days to update or to be activated due to our suppliers getting shipping coordinated or the shipping company to update their system.


Q:  Why have I not received a tracking number yet?

A: After placing an order, it may take a few days to process an order and for our suppliers to get a tracking number from the shipping company.


Q:  How long does shipping take?

A:  Shipping times vary depending on what state we ship to. Because our main distribution centers are located in the south, it may take longer to get to a northern resident than it would for a southern resident. Standard shipping is 6-8 business days. Express shipping is 3-5 business days.