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Warranty Information

Each of our vehicles comes with a limited warranty (duration depending on type of vehicle).  The warranty only applies when a part is defective or the vehicle is broken prior to use.  The warranty does not apply in instances of negligence or improper operation/care of the vehicle.  The warranties on all vehicles are limited to "non-wearable" parts, or parts that are damaged upon receipt of the vehicle.  These "non-wearable" parts include the engine, transmission, and certain parts of the frame.  All other "wearable" parts will only be warrantied if they are damaged upon receipt of the vehicle.  To clarify, the warranty does NOT cover the vehicle as a whole, but rather defective parts and damage incurred before the vehicle is delivered.   Additionally, the vehicle must be properly maintained in order to stay under the warranty.  Regular oil changes and periodic inspections are the best ways to ensure your vehicle remains under warranty.  This is because even "wearable" parts like the engine risk severe damage when improperly or infrequently maintained.